Hai Zao - Transform Phlegm Heat
KI, LV (4.5-15g)


Hai Zao - High-Zow! - the salty swamp coffee!

High-Zow! is a new type super salty swamp coffee for scrofula and goiter.

But granny cow hates it (cc: incompatible with gan cao), since it exacerbates her (cc: cold from SP deficiency).
English Name: sargassum, seaweed
Pharmacuetical Name: Sargassum
Properties: bitter, salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
salty softens hardness
swamp dissolves phlegm
coffee promotes urination; reduces edema


      Hai Zao Actions and Indications
  • Dissolves phlegm; softens hardness (scrofula, goiter, nodules; pain with hernia disorder - especially testicles)
  • Promotes urination; reduces edema (leg qi, edema, but a mild effect so combine it with diuretics like Ze Xie, Zhu Ling, and Che Qian Zi)
  • (cc: cold from SP deficiency)
  • (cc: incompatible with gan cao)
    Special Notes:
  • Hai Zao with Kun Bu is beneficial for treating both hyperthyroid and hypothryoid conditions.

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