Ze Xie - Promote Urination and Relieve Edema
KD, UB (5-10g)


Ze Xie - ZeXie the Zebra

Whenever it started to rain Ze Xie had to pee in the oasis.

Because they are already cold Zebras fear cold climates (cc: KD yang deficiency or damp cold) so much they get (cc: diarrhea) just thinking about it!

English Name: alisma, Oriental water plantain rhizome
Pharmacuetical Name: Rhizoma alismatis
Properties: sweet, bland, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
rain... pee promotes urination, leaches out damp
oasis drains KD fire


       Ze Xie Actions and Indications
  • Promotes Urination, Leaches out damp (dizziness, vertigo due to fluid retention of ear; damp stagnation with urinary difficulty, PUD, luekorrhea, edema, diarrhea, especially useful for damp-heat in lower jiao)
  • Drains KD Fire (xiao ke; KD yin deficiency with nocturnal emission; tinnitus, dizziness)
  • (cc: KD yang deficiency or damp-cold; spermatorrhea or vaginal discharge)
  • (cc: caution with abnormal function of KD - associated with diarrhea)
    Special Notes:
  • Compare with Fu Ling
  • Tonic herbs may create heat in the body as KD fire, Ze Xie is commonly combined with tonic herbs to prevent this.

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