Zhu Ling - Promote Urination and Relieve Edema
KD, UB (5-10g)


Zhu Ling (polyporous)
Zoo Linger story...
The little boy lingered at the zoo for a long while, but when it started to rain, he had to go pee.

Its not good to stay at the zoo too long (cc: not for long term use) if there isn't (cc: absence of dampness) and rain.

English Name: polyporus
Pharmacuetical Name: Polyporus
Properties: sweet, bland, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
rain leeches out damp
had to go pee promotes urination - leech damp


      Zhu Ling Actions and Indications
  • Promotes urination, Resolves dampness (water accumulation, stagnation of dampness: edema, difficult urination, PUD, diarrhea, damp-heat lin syndrome)
  • (cc: absence of dampness)
  • (cc: not for long term use, may injure yin)
  • (note: stronger than fu ling to promote urination)
    Special Notes:
  • Zhu Ling is stronger than Fu Ling, and has a similar diuretic function.

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