Herbal Syndromes
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Hypertension: making the right choice

LIV yang rising and LIV and KD Yin def Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
LIV fire flaring Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
Phlegm disturb upper body Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
Blood Stasis Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang
KD Yin & Yang Def. (menopause) Er Xian Tang

Single Herbs for Qi Yu (Qi Stagnation): Distension, feel full/stuffy, dull pain, P: wiry, T: normal)
Move LIV qi Qing Pi, Xiang Fu, Chuan Lian Zi, Fo Shou
Move SP/ST Chen Pi, Zhi Shi, Mu Xiang, Da Fu Pi, Xie Bai, Fo Shou
LU Qi Ma huang, Xing Ren, Jie Geng, Qian Hu
Pain due to Qi Stagnation Qing Pi, Xiang Fu, Chuan Lian Zi, Zhi Shi, Mu Xiang, Chen Xiang, Xie Bai, Tan Xing
Move qi and release exterior Zi su ye, Bo he, Chai Hu
Move qi and aromatically transform damp Hou Po, Bai Dou Kou, Sha Ren, Cao Dou Kou
Invigorate Blood Chuan Xiong, Yan Hu Suo, Yu Jin, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao

Qi Stagnation: Key Formulas

Qi Stagnation (Yu) general Qi Stagnation Si Ni San
LIV Qi Stagnation (no deficiency) Chai Hu Shu Gan San
LV Qi Stag w/ blood deficiency Xiao Yao San
LV overacting on SP Xiao Yao San
LV overacting ST without heat Chai Hu Shu Gan San
LV overacting ST with heat Zuo Jin Wan
Food Stagnation food stagnation in ST Bao He Wan
food stagnation in ST and intestine Zhi Shi Dao Zhi Wan
food stagnation in intestine Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan
Stagnation in Chest phlegm heat in chest and upper abdomen Xiao Xian Xiong Tang
obstruction of Yang Qi in chest (HT) Gua Lou Xie Bai Ban Xia Tang
Six Stagnation Yue Ju Wan
rebellious of LU qi upper excess (cold phlegm) lower def (KD yang) Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
exterior W/C, interior phlegm heat Ding Chuan Tang
exterior W/C, interior phlegm and fluid retention Xiao Qing Long Tang
LU heat, phlegm heat (wind heat) Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang
rebellion of ST qi
(ST deficiency)
ST deficiency with phlegm retention Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang
ST deficiency with heat Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang
ST deficiency with cold Diang Xiang Shi Ding Tang

Single Herbs that Tonify Qi
Ren Shen Ren Shen Ren Shen Ren Shen
Xi Yang Shen   Xi Yang Shen Xi Yang Shen
Dang Shen Dang Shen    
Tai Zi Shen Tai Zi Shen    
Huang Qi Huang Qi    
Shan Yao Shan Yao    
  Bai Zhu    
Gan Cao Gan Cao Gan Cao  
  Da Zao    
  Bai Bian Dou    
Yi Tang Yi Tang    

Qi Deficiency: Key Formulas

General Qi Deficiency Si Jun Zi Tang
SP Qi Deficiency Sp Qi Deficiency Si Jun Zi Tang
SP Qi Deficiency not controlling blood Gui Pi Tang
Sp Qi deficiency w/ HT blood def. Gui Pi Tang
sinking of middle jiao Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
ST Qi Deficiency Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang
Wei Qi Deficiency Yu Ping Feng San
KD Qi Deficiency KI qi deficiency Da Bu Yuan Jian
KI qi deficiency w/ urinary problems Suo Quan Wan
KI qi deficiency w/ urinary problems w/ calm shen Sang Piao Xiao San
KI qi deficiency w/ emissions Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan
LU Qi Deficiency Bu Fei Tang
HT Qi Deficiency Yang Xin Tang
Nourish Blood: Single Herbs
Mostly involves LV, HT, and SP (Key Sx: Pale tongue, nails, complexion, eyelids; P:thin)
Dang Gui   Dang Gui   Dang Gui
Shu Di Huang Shu Di Huang      
He Shou Wu He Shou Wu      
Bai Shao       Bai Shao
E jiao E Jiao   E jiao  
    Long Yan Rou   Long Yan Rou
Herbs in other categories that nourish blood:
xian he cao, ji xue teng, da zao, lu jiao jiao, zi he che, gui ban, ye jiao teng, sang shen zi

Blood Disorders: Formulas
Blood Deficiency blood deficiency Si Wu Tang  
fever due to blood deficiency; qi and blood deficiency Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang    (5:1 ratio)  
insomnia due to LV blood deficiency Suan Zao Ren Tang  
Blood Stasis general blood stasis Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang chest* (upper jiao)
blood stasis in chest Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang chest* (upper jiao)
blood stasis at head Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang head*
blood stasis below diaphragm Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang below diaphragm*
blood stasis in the lower abdomen Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang lower jiao; warms channels and stops pain due to cold stagnation*
blood stasis in the channels Shen Tong Zhu yu Tang channels (extremities)*
blood stasis at hypochondriac area Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang hypochondriac pain*
* - This formula moves blood stasis and eliminates pain in this certain part of the body

Yang Excess- Fever, hot feeling, red eyes, red face, T: yellow coat, P: rapid

Heat in Qi Level:    Yangming channel or Qi level excessive heat: Bai Hu Tang
... Ba hu Jia Ren Shen Tang: For injury to qi and fluids characterized by fever, thirst, profuse sweating, generalized weakness, and a large forceless pulse.
... Bai Hu Jia Gui Zhi Tang: For wind-damp-heat painful obstruction characterized by high fever, sweating, irritability, thirst, pain, and swelling of the joints, T: white coat, P: wiry rapid. Also used for malaria ( +gui zhi)

fever, thirst, T:red, P:rapid
high fever
(high) fever at night
fever at night
possible night sweats
mental symptoms
possible restlessness
restlessness, delirium
delirium, coma
skin signs
erythema, purpura
erythema, purpura
internal wind
yin deficiency
normal or red
red w/ yellow coating
deep red
deep red w/ prickles

Clear Heat Clear Heat from
4 levels
Qi Level Heat Bai Hu Tang
Ying level Heat Qing Ying Tang
Xue level Heat Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
Clear heat from
Internal Organ
HT Heat Dao Chi San
LV Heat Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
LU Heat Xie Bai San
ST Heat Qing Wei San
Intestine Heat Da Cheng Qi Tang, Xiao Cheng Qi Tang, Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang
GB Heat Da Chai Hu Tang
BL Heat Ba Zheng San (clear heat, fire, promote urination to relieve PUD)

Special Notes on Da Cheng Qi Tang, Xiao Cheng Qi Tang, Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang....
Pi = focal distension
man = abdominal fullness
zao = dry stool
shi = excess
Da Cheng Qi Tang Xiao Cheng Qi Tang Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang
da huang 12g {cook 2nd for short time=stronger purgative}
mang xiao 9g {3rd: dissolve in decoction}
hou po
15g-24g (ancient 24g) {cook 1st} (help circulation Qi,
zhi shi 5pc=12g-15g {cook 1st} and break up yu)
Circulation Qi: focal distention, abdominal fullness:
da huang 12g cook all at the same time;
(zhi) hou po 6g thus, the purgative f(x) is lessened
(zhi) zhi shi 9g
da huang 12g {Cook 1st} (purgative f(x) is lessened)
mang xiao 12g {Cook 2nd} (softens stools)
Zhi gan cao 6g {Cook 1st}
Tx: Pi, man, zao, shi Tx: Pi, man, shi Tx: Zao, shi
T: yellow, dry coat; sometimes may see black prickles
P: Powerful excess (can be deep & powerful);
or rapid, slippery
T: deep yellow (no prickles)
P: slippery, rapid
T: dry yellow coat
P; slippery, rapid

Painful Urination: Making the right choice
Dao Chi San Clears Heat from HT and UJ, also nourish Yin Weaker for painful urination but nourishes Yin
Ba Zheng San Clears heat from LJ (clear heat, fire, relieve PUD)  
Xiao Yi Jin Zi Cool blood and stop bleeding, promote urination, and unblocks painful urinary dysfunction focus on bloody urine

Yin Deficient Herbs: Singles
  Tonify Yin Herbs
sha shen
bai he
mai dong
tian dong
shu hu
yu zhu
huang jing
gou qi zi
han lian cao
nu zhen zi
sang shen zi
hei zhi ma
gui ban
bie jia
Herbs From Other Categories:
xi yang shen
sang ji shen
luo han guo
bai mu er

Yin Deficiency: Formulas
yin fluid deficiency Zeng Ye Tang
yin essence deficiency Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
KD Yin deficiency KD Yin (essence) deficiency Zuo Gui Wan
KD Yin deficiency with breathing problems Mai Wei Di Huang Wan or Du Qi Wan
KD Yin deficiency with empty heat Da Bu Yin Wan
KD Yin deficiency without dampness Zuo Gui Wan
KD Yin deficiency with empty heat Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan
KD Yin deficiency with eye problems Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
LIV Yin Deficiency KD and LV yin deficiency Yi Guan Jian
LIV Yin deficiency Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
LU Yin deficiency KD and LU yin deficiency Bai he gu jin tang
LU yin deficiency Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang
HT Yin deficiency HT yin deficiency Zhi Gan Cao Tang
HT and KD yin deficiency Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
ST Yin deficiency (LU yin deficiency) Mai Men Dong Tang
Hyperactivity of LV Yang Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin

Yang Deficiency Herbs: Singles
Tonifies Yang
Fortifies Yang Tonify LU Moisten Intestine Stop Diarrhea Restrain Urine Expel Wind-Cold Damp Strengthen Bones and Sinews Improve Vision Calm Fetus Warm Interior
Lu Rong,
Lu Jiao Jiao,
Lu Jiao Shuang,
Lu Jiao,
Jiu Zi,
Yang Qi Shi,
Yin Yang Huo,
Xian Mao,
Ba Ji Tian
Ge Jie,
Dong Chong
Xia Cao
Hu Tao Ren,
Zi He Che
Rou Chong Rong,
Suo Yang,
Hu Tao Ren
Bu Gu Zhi,
Yi Zhi Ren
Bu Gu Zhi,
Yi Zhi Ren,
Tu Si Zi
Yin Yang Huo,
Xian Mao,
Ba Ji Tian,
Hu Lu Ba
Du Zhong,
Xu Duan
Tu Si Zi,
Sha yuan,
Ji Li
Du Zhong,
Xu Duan,
Tu Si Zi
Fu Zi (HT, KD, SP)
Rou Gui (HT, KD, SP, LV)
Gan Jiang (SP, ST, HT, LU)
Wu Zhu Yu (LV, SP, ST)
Xi Xin (LU, KD)
Hua Jiao (SP, ST, KD)
Ding Xiang (SP, ST, KD)
Xiao Hui Jiang (LV, KD, SP, ST)
Hu Jiao (ST, LI)

Tonify Yang Formulas
KD Yang Deficiency KD Yang Deficiency Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
KD Yang def w/ blood def You Gui Wan
KD Yang and Yin def Er Xian Tang
KD and SP Yang Deficiency digestive problems Si Shen Wan
water metabolism problems Zhen Wu Tang
SP Yang Deficiency Li Zhong Wan
Deficient cold in LV and ST Wu Zhu Yu Tang
Deficient cold in Chong and Ren Channel Wen Jing Tang

Er Miao San- The cat said "er... meow?" when it saw the rising sun at cang zoo (Clear heat, dry damp)
San Miao Wan- The cat said "Sun Meow Yawn?" when he saw the sun rise on Cang Zhu since he heard yelling from Chuan Niu Xi (Clear heat, dry damp, invigorate blood circulation)
Si Miao San- The cat said "I see... meow... (dead people)" when the rising sun at cang zoo shed light upon the dead bloated white new sheep who had committed suicide by eating too many job's tears. (Clear heat, dries damp + invigorates circulation, strengthens bones and tendons)

Resolving Damp Heat

damp heat     Er Miao San
damp heat in upper jiao     San Ren Tang
damp heat
lower jiao
damp heat in LV GB channel   Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
damp heat in BL channel   Ba Zheng San
damp heat in intestine more blood than pus Bai Tou Weng Tang
w/ exterior symptoms Shao Yao Tang
DH in intestine... Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang

Treating Phlegm: Single Herbs
Resolve Phlegm 
Relieve Cough and Wheeze
Phlegm Cold 
Phlegm Heat 
Ban Xia
Tian Nan Xing
Bai Fu Zi
Xuan Fu Hua
Jin Fei Cao
Bai Qian
Jie Geng
Bai Jie Zi
Dan Nan Xing
Qian Hu
Chuan Bei Mu
Zhe Bei Mu
Gua Lou
Zhu Ru
Kun Bu
Hai Zao
Zhu Li
Dong Gua Ren
Hai Ge Ke
Wa Leng Zi
Pang Da Hai 
Xing Ren
Zi Wan
Kuan Dong Hua
Su Zi
Pi Pa Ye
Bai Bu
Sang Bai Pi
Ting Li Zi
Bai Guo 

Phlegm Retention: Formulas

general phlegm retention Er Chen Tang
phlegm in LU phlegm in LU Er Chen Tang
wind-phlegm affecting LU Sang Ju Yin
cold phlegm retention in LU Xiao Qing Long Tang (Ma Huang)
dry phlegm in LU w/ slight injury to yin Bei Mu Gua Lou San
phlegm heat in LU Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan
cold-phlegm in the LU with Qi and food stagnation San Zi Yang Qin Tang
phlegm heat w/ disharmony of GB and ST Wen Dan Tang
wind phlegm wind phlegm Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
wind phlegm w/ seizure Ding Xian Wan
phlegm qi blocking throat Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
phlegm disturbing the HT Dao Tan Tang
phlegm nodules Hai Dai Wan (Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang)

Single Herbs to Dispel Dampness

promote urination, leach damp damp heat dispel wind-damp aromatic herbs tonfy SP and dry damp
promote urination, relieve PUD promote urination, relieve jaundice relieve cold relieve heat strengthen tendons and bones dry damp transform damp
Fu ling
Zhu Ling
Ze Xie
Yi Yi Ren
Dong Gua Pi
Bian Xu
Qu Mai
Che Qian Zi
Mu Tong
Tong Cao
Hua Shi
Di Fu Zi
Shi Wei
Bei (bi) Xie
Hai Jin Sha
Deng Xin Cao
Dong Kui Zi
Jin Qian Cao
Yin Chen Hao
Hu Zhang
Du Huo
Wei Ling Xian
Mu Gua
Hai Feng Teng
Bai Hua She
Wu Shao She
Qin Jiao
(Han) Fang Ji
Sang Zhi
Xi Xian Cao
Si Gua Luo
Ren Dong Teng
Hai Tong Pi
Wu Jia Pi
Ci Wu Jia
Sang Ji Sheng
Gou Ji
Qian Nian Jian
Cang Zhu
Hou Po
Cao Dou Kou
Cao Guo
Huo Xiang
Pei Lan
Bai Dou Kou
Sha Ren
Zi Su Ye
Shi Chang Pu
Bai Zhu

Formulas for Damp Retention

Yin Excess damp retention damp retention  
damp in middle jiao damp in middle jiao Ping Wei San
external wind-cold with internal dampness obstructing qi in middle jiao Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San
phlegm fluid retention affecting the upper or middle jiao with SP Yang deficiency Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang
damp in upper jiao Er Chen Tang
damp in lower jiao damp in lower jiao (vomits when drinks water) Wu Ling San
damp w/ luecorrhea Wan Dai Tang
damp w/ urinary problems Bi (Bei) Xie Fen Qing Yin
cold accumulation cold accumulation with Yang deficiency and blood deficiency Dang Gui Si Ni Tang
lack of liquid yin fluid deficiency Zeng Ye Tang
qi and yin deficiency Sheng Mai San

Combination: Qi and Blood disorders

Qi stag. and Blood Stasis
(LV, HT)
Qi def. and Blood def.
Qi and Blood def.
Qi and Yin deficency
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
- blood stasis w/ LV qi stag.
Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang
- qi def. w/ blood stasis
Ba Zhen Tang
- qi and blood def., +SP
Sheng Mai San
- tonify Qi (fatigue), stop sweat, tonify yin
Dan Shen Yin
- qi and blood stag in UJ / MJ
  Gui Pi Tang
- SP Qi def. w/ HT blood def.
- SP not controlling blood
Jin Ling Zi San
- LV qi stag. turning to heat

Know for Board Exams: Know the Differences between these!!!

Si Ni San cold extremities
- qi stag w/ SP disharmony
Dang Gui Si Ni Tang cold above wrist/ankles w/ blood def.
- yang and blood deficiency
Si Ni Tang cold above elbow / knee, cold is more severe
- deep (inside) yang deficiency

Disorders of Internal Organs

HT and GB qi deficiency An Shen Ding Zhi Wan
GB and ST phlegm heat (Huang Lian) Wen Dan Tang
Disharmony of HT and KD (general) Jiao Tai Wan
Disharmony HT-KD (def Ht blood, +KD yin) Bai Zhi Yang Xin Wan
Disharmony HT-KD yin deficiency with empty heat Tian Wang bu Xin Dan
Disharmony of LV and SP Tong Xie Yao Fang

Six Channels and Four Levels theory

Six Channel
(6 stages)
Tai Yang syndrome channel (exterior deficieny) Gui Zhi Tang
channel (exterior excess) Ma Huang Tang
channel (excess w/ stiff neck) Ge Gen Tang
organ (water build up) Wu Ling San
organ (blood stasis in lower jiao) Tao He Cheng Qi Tang
Yang Ming syndrome yang ming channel Bai Hu Tang
yang ming organ (Da, Xiao, Tiao, Wei) Cheng Qi Tang
organ (heat and dryness constip.) Ma Zi Ren Wan
Shao Yang syndrome shao yang syndrome Xiao Chai Hu Tang
shao yang and yang ming Da Chai Hu Tang
Tai Yin Syndrome    Li Zhong Wan
Shao Yin Syndrome cold extremities Si Ni Tang
water retention Zhen Wu Tang
heat transforming (insomnia) Huang Lian E Jiao Tang
heat transforming Zhu Ling Tang
Jue Yin Syndrome   Wu Mei Wan
Four Levels Wei Level sore throat Yin Qiao San
cough; itching, burning eyes Sang Ju Yin
Qi level four great Bai Hu Tang
cough, asthma Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang
Ying level   Qing Ying Tang
Xue level   Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang