Zi Wan - Relieve Cough and Wheeze
LU (3-9g)

Zi Wan - The One: Help me o Zi Wan Kenobe

The princess was coughing w/ wet Lungs in the swamp when she said "Help me o-zi-wan kenobe, you're my only hope". She continued "If you can't make it Alderon because its too swampy then try Kuan Dong Hua instead! Please hurry, I'll give you a honey fried kiss when you get here! "

Note: Kuan Dong Hua is identical to Zi Wan, but Zi Wan is more for expel phlegm

English Name: aster, tatarian aster root
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Asteris
Properties: bitter, sweet, slightly warm

Explanation of Key Words in this story...
coughing w/ wet Lungs; swamps moistens LU; stops cough; dissolves phlegm
if you can't.... too swampy... kuan dong hua instead! Kuan Dong Hua is identical to Zi Wan except Zi Wan expels more phlegm.
  • Moistens LU; stops cough; dissolves phlegm (chronic cough due to profuse phlegm, LU heat with copious yellow sputum, or LU yin deficiency. , kuan dong hua: various types of cough particularly with cold symptoms) (zi wan: productive cough, acute or chronic, hot or cold)
    Alternate Forms:
  • sheng- for acute cough
  • mi zhi- for chronic coughs needing moistening function
    Special Notes:
  • Zi Wan is often paired with Bai Bu and Kuan Dong Hua to stop cough. Zi Wan is the strongest of the three.

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