Chai Hu - Release Exterior: Wind Heat
GB, LV, PC, SJ - (3-12g)


Chai Hu - Chai Hu had a Chow Whoops!
When Chai Hu won the award he raised his SP yang and had a chow whoops in his pants due to diarrhea... how embarrasing! But instead of being embarrashed Chai Hu decided to pull down his pants, spread his LV qi, and relieve his constraint upon the crowd below! Later that night as Chai Hu reflected upon his day he began to feel embarrased and developed alternating chills and fever (Shaoyang syndrome) and swore never to win another award.

English Name: bupleurum, hare's ear, Chinese thorowax root, red thorowax root, "kindling of the barbarians"
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Bupleuri
Properties: bitter, acrid, cool
Explanation of Key Words in this story...
raised his SP yang lifts SP yang
spread his LV qi; relieve constraint spreads LV qi; relieves constraint
alternating chills/fever (shaoyang syndrome) harmonizes shao yang syndrome; reduces fever


      Chai Hu Actions and Indications
  • Harmonizes shao yang syndrome; reduces fever (alternating chills and fever; flank pain, bitter taste, irritability, vomit, stifling sensation in chest; fever from exterior syndromes; wind-heat headaches; particularly effective for half-interior half-exterior disorders)
  • Spreads LV qi; relieves constraint (LV qi stagnation with chest and flank pain, menstrual disorders, emotional instability; disharmony between LV and SP)
  • Lifts SP Yang (prolapse of organs or diarrhea due to sinking of SP qi; head, eye, ear disorders due to yang qi that fails to ascend)
  • (cc: Since Chai Hu is acrid and dispersing it consumes LV yin. Caution with yin deficient heat, LYR, LV Wind, or rebellious qi)
  • (cc: Chai Hu may have adverse interaction with interferon, inducing LV failure)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Sheng: better for shao yang syndrome or fever (12g)
  • Cu Zhi: better for LV Qi Yu (6-9g)
  • Mi Zhi: better for SP qi sinking (3-6g)
    Special Notes:
  • Pharmacologically Chai Hu has been shown to have analgesic and antipyretic functions, sedative effects, anti-inflammatory actions, hepatoprotective functions, cholagogic functions (increases bile production), antihyperlipidemic properties (reduce triglycerides and cholesterol), immunostimulant benefits, and antibiotic actions.
  • A comparison of Ge Gen, Chai Hu, and Sheng Ma reveals that Ge Gen is weakest to lift SP yang while Sheng Ma is strongest to lift SP yang.
  • Used to treat shao yang headaches, along with Huang Qin and Chuan Xiong..

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