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Memorizing Chinese Herbs Can Be Fun!

Let me guess - you're wading your way through Oriental Medical school and your head is full! Tables and charts keep falling out, as you stuff one in another one leaves. It seems impossible to keep up!?

5/17/2024  |

Enter ~ your Chinese herbal memory assistant.
In addition to online FLASH CARDS, we supply catchy "Herb Stories" to help you remember more than 300+ different single herbs, and "stories about stories" to help you remember key ingredients for your formulas classes later on. And if you don't like our stories you even have the option to write your own and save them to our web site!

Herb stories are easy to remember!
Compared to traditional memorization methods, herb stories are easy to remember!!!! One interesting fun filled fact leads to another. A funny picture helps you visualize the story, while registered users can also see a photo of the raw herbs (to help with herb lab identification!)

Three Easy Membership Options: We provide FREE access to hundreds of stories, but when you register as a premium user you'll not only help to support this web site, but you'll also get lots of neat PREMIUM features to help you succeed! PREMIUM features include the ability to modify our herb stories and save your own, full access to the online flash cards system, and special bonuses like shang hang lun simplified, herbal syndromes summarized, CC: pregnancy, and NCCAOM special board exam prep pages. And because we know you'll love accessing this site we offer a 14 day no hassles 100% money back guarantee!!!

$49 - 1 year Membership $79 - 2 year Membership

A fully loaded digital memory solution!

If you're trying to learn Chinese herbs THIS can be your solution. Forget about trying to memorize EVERYTHING as charts and tables - and set aside other partial memory solutions that only utilize the RIGHT side of your brain. Herb stories combines the best aspects of right brained photo memory with the left brained sequential story telling.

Why ???

It is NOT too soon to get started!! CAN and SHOULD be your primary memory retention resource from the beginning of your first herbs class until the day you pass your herbal board exam. Don't wait until the end - even with our memory tools it takes a while to learn. If you learn these stories before you start school it has the potential to help you tremendously in your herbs classes because instead of meaningless Chinese jargon you'll have a frame a reference.

Registration is NOT expensive and Web Access is one of the cheapest Chinese Herbal memorization tool kits on the market today. Sign up today!

What you Get when you Register: is the most comprehensive Chinese herb memorization tool ever! Our site includes over 500 custom designed and user modifiable web pages. Compare our $99 membership to Zoo cards, Herb Songs - and then add to that instant access from your computer - anywhere in the world! At the end of the day, its all about passing your board exams. Are you really going to spend countless hours trying to remember Chinese jargon that just won't fit in your head? Or are you going to do it the SMART, fast, and easy way??


I just want to say your website is awesome. It's the best idea for learning Chinese Herbs that I've seen and it has helped me tremendously. Most people in my class are using the Zoo cards, which is unfortunate since I believe your method is much more superior for long-term memorization. In any case, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your amazing work.

by Ana Lenskiy (Bastyr)

Brilliant and deeply routed in helping someone achieve long term memory of the herbs in a quick period of time. The main reason I sought out something such as what Memorize Herbs has put together and purchased it, was because of my self study on how the mind and memory works. After studying and understanding that this is how to master information efficiently and for long term it was simply a no brainier. I personally LOVE it beyond measure and thank you so much for doing what you have done, it's an invaluable and tremendous resource.

by Wesley Kress (Southwest - England)

Excellent and imaginative makes learning Herbs colourful and interesting. Thank you so much

by Graham Clark (Northern College of Acupuncture)

I am very happy to have found the memorize herbs website! It is very hard to remember all of the herbs, let alone their chinese names! It is like learning a new language. These pictures and stories help me to remember the functions and names much better! I appreciate all the time and effort that Justin has put into the website! The pictures and stories are very creative! All the important information is written for each herb. This saves you a lot of time because you only focus on what is really important.

by Vanessa F (JJTCMC)

I passed my herbal board the first time! I can tell you I used the web site all through school, and the herbal board was the only one I passed the first time. Don't expect miracles, because nothing will help you learn everything instantly. But it really helps, especially if you implement early. Don't wait until the last minute to get started!

by Justin Hays, LAc (AOMA)

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