Xuan Shen - Clear Heat: Cool Blood
LU, ST, KI (9-15g)


Xuan Shen - The Swans Inn was a hot vibe...

The Swan's Inn was a great place for hot blooded travellers to nourish their yin and drain dryness away from the toxic desert. It was a great place to meet ladies with nodules and soft skin.

But too much drinking causes (cc: SP/ST deficiency) and can make you incompatible with your wife (note: incompatible with li lu)

English Name: scrophularia, figwort root
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Scrophulariae
Properties: bitter, sweet, salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
hot blooded travellers cools blood heat
nourish yin and drain dryness nourish yin; drains dryness
toxic desert clears toxic heat
nodules... soft skin softens hardness; disperses nodules


       Xuan Shen Actions and Indications
  • Cools blood heat (heat in ying level of warm febrile disease damaging yin: fever, dry mouth, purple tongue, irritability, insomnia)
  • Nourishes Yin, Drains Dryness (xiao ke; constipation; sequelae of warm-febrile disease and Lung yin deficiency; dry cough and throat, blood tinged sputum; irritability)
  • Clears Toxic Heat (abcess, ulceration, sore throat, mumps; carbuncles; yin deficient fire)
  • Softens Hardness; Disperses Nodules (swelling, pain, phlegm fire scrofula, goiter, neck lumps)
  • (cc: SP/ST deficiency)
    Special Notes:
  • Combine Xuan Shen with Cang Zhu for excellent results lowering plasma glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus.
  • Incompatible with Li Lu

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