Wu Mei - Stabilize and Bind
LI, LV, LU, SP (3-9g)

Wu Mei - Wooh Me! The story of Rapunzel
As the prince approached the tower a young maiden wearing a surgical mask shouted down "Young prince, I just had gut surgery won't you bring me some water to help me alleviate thirst and generate fluids". So the prince went to get her water and she let down her hair. The next day the prince returned, but the princess was angry. "This water you gave me caused some painful roundworms!." The young prince was very upset and asked rapunzel to let down her hair so that he could climb up. When the young prince got to the top he was appalled to notice that his beautiful rapunzel had the most hideous corns and warts on her feet. He was so appalled that he fell backwards to the ground below, which unfortunately caused some bleeding.

The prince should have been more careful and considered that rapunzel had some unresolved issued due to never being outside (cc: unresolved exterior disorders) and being locked up for too long time in a hot tower caused some serious (cc: internal heat excess and stagnation)

English Name: mume, smoked plum, dark plum
Pharmacuetical Name: Fructus Mume
Properties: sour, neutral

   Explanation of Key Words in this Story...
surgical mask inhibits leakage of LU qi; stops cough
gut surgery bind up large intestine; stop diarrhea
alleviate thirst and generate fluids alleviates thirst; generates fluids
painful roundworms sedates roundworms; alleviates pain
corns and warts treats corns and warts
bleeding stops bleeding


      Wu Mei Actions and Indications
  • Inhibits leakage of LU qi; stops cough (chronic cough due to Lung deficiency)
  • Binds Large Intestine; stops diarrhea (rectal prolapse, unremitting chronic diarrhea or dystenteric disorders; blood in stool)
  • Generates fluids; alleviates thirst (thirst due to deficient heat or chronic yin deficiency; xiao ke disorders due to deficient heat)
  • Sedates roundworms; alleviates pain (roundworm induced vomiting and abdominal pain; frigid extremities)
  • Stops bleeding (blood in stools, excessive uterine bleeding and bloody urine)
  • Treats corns and warts (make it into a plaster bind the corns in gauze for 2-3 days)
  • (cc: internal heat excess and stagnation)
  • (cc: unresolved exterior diarrhea)
    Alternate Forms:
  • chao tan- to stop diarrhea or bleeding
    Special Notes:
  • Wu Mei is a representative herb for the best flavors to treat parasites: acrid, sour, bitter, and warm. It contains all 4 tastes and properties.
  • For warts and corns: Soak 30g Wu Mei in salt and water for 24 hours, pit the fruit and grind into paste. Apply to affected area and remove in 2-3 days.

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