Wang Bu Liu Xing - Invigorate Blood and Regulate Menses
LV, ST (3-9g)


Wang Bu Liu Xing (Wang Booh Losing)

Wang Bu, who was always losing, ran in bloody circles and cried a lot of swelling tears if he got served De-Caf. coffee.!

He was such a loser even his pregnant (cc: pregnancy) wife left him!

English Name: vaccaria seed, cow-herb seed, cow-fat seed
Pharmacuetical Name: Semen Vaccariae
Properties: bitter, nuetral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
ran in bloody circles... swelling tears moves blood in channels; reduces swelling
De-Caf. coffee promotes urination; treats PUD


       Wang Bu Liu Xing Actions and Indications
  • Moves blood in channels; reduces swelling (breast abcess, arthritis due to poor circulation in channels, poor lactation, painful swellings of breasts, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea due to blood stasis. An excellent herb to benefit the breasts)
  • Promotes urination; treats PUD (lin syndrome; modern use for prostatitis and stones in the urinary tract)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
    Special Notes:
  • The normal preparation for usage is to chao (dry fry) until seeds split open, then decoct
  • In some parts of china Bi Li Guo is called Wang Bi Liu Xing. Bi Li Guo invigorates blood, tonifies KD, and secures essence.

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