Tong Cao - Damp: Promote Urination and Relieve PUD
LU, ST (3-6g)


Tong Cao - Tongue Cow

The famous tongue cow was known far and wide for her ability to promote lactation in other cows. But when she got jungle fever she would sometimes promote urination instead.

Pregnant cows were the most likely to lactate (cc: pregnancy) but tongue cow swore she was good enough to make any cow lactate!

English Name: tetrapanax, rice paper plant pith
Pharmacuetical Name: Medulla Tetrapanacis
Properties: sweet, bland, cool

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
promote lactation promotes lactaction
jungle...promote urination clear heat; promotes urination


      Tong Cao Actions and Indications
  • Promotes urination; clear damp heat (damp heat PUD; edema or damp-heat warm febrile diseases; similar to Mu Tong, but less strong)
  • Promotes lactation (insufficient or lack lactation)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
    Special Notes:
  • Foods commonly used along with Tong Cao to promote lactation also include pig's feet, fish, peanuts, and papaya.

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