Su He Xiang - Open Orifices
HT, SP (0.3-1g)

Su He Xiang: "Sue, he's young" - the aliens tried to sue young Johnny
When Johnny's friend was abducted by aliens he tried to revive the spirit by throwing a painful mud ball at the aliens, who dodged the turbidity and later tried to sue him for cold closure.

Johnny's mother eventually wished she had never gotten pregnant (cc: pregnancy) since she ended up in a (cc: coma with high fever)

English Name: styrax, storesin
Pharmaceutical Name: Styrax
Properties: acrid, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
abducted by aliens... revive the spirit opens orifices... revives spirit
dodge the turbidity... painful disperse turbidity; relieves pain
      Su He Xiang Actions and Indications
  • Opens the orifices, revives spirit (cold closed disorder: phlegm blockage of orifices; appropriate for all stroke victims with sudden unconsciousness, epidemic toxic diseases)
  • Disperse Turbidity, Relieves Pain (stifling sensations, qi/blood/cold or phelgm stagnation, coldness, fullness, cold and pain in the chest and abdomen, chest bi, modern use for coronary disease, angina pectoris)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: high fever and coma (with heat))
    Special Notes:
  • Su He Xiang and She Xiang are similar in that they both open orifice and awaken spirit. Su He Xiang is weaker to open orifice and is primarily used for cold type bi zheng. She Xiang is stronger to open orifice and is appropriate for both cold and hot type bi.

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