Sang Zhi - Dispel Wind Damp (treat arthritis) and Relieve Heat
LV (10-30g)


Sang Zhi sounds like song bird...(sang zhirr)

Look !!! Despite the temperate rainy wind storm, the cute little song bird flaps his wings strongly and sings in B flat from the highest branches of the tree! But wait - now he's taking a pee in my coffee!? That little punk !!

English Name: mulberry twig
Pharmacuetical Name: Ramulus Mori
Properties: bitter, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
rainy wind storm... flaps wings strongly.... highest branches of tree dispels wind (W-D bi); benefits joints; opens channels
pee in my coffee promotes urination (mild effect to reduce edema)
sings in B flat bi syndrome (wind-damp bi)


      Sang Zhi Actions and Indications
  • Dispels Wind, opens Channels and benefits the Joints (wind-damp-bi, pain, numbness, spasms, either cold or heat, especially in shoulder and upper extremities)
  • Promotes urination (regulates water circulation to help with damp bi; mild effect for edema; damp leg qi)

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