San Leng - Invigorate Blood and Resolve Masses
LV, SP (3-9g)


San Leng (The Sand-lings of Dune)

The Sandlings of Dune are said to be a cancer to the land, but actually they help to dissolve accumulations of food and spice in the sandy deserts of Dune. Although they occasionally cause pain, traffic jams, and run in circles, they can be controlled and antagonized by saying "ya xiao!".

Nobody knows how the creatures get pregnant (cc: pregnancy) although signs of excessive menstruation (cc: excessive menstruation) can sometimes be found.

English Name: spaganium, common bur-reed rhizome
Pharmacuetical Name: Rhizoma Sparganii
Properties: bitter, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
cancer promotes urination; treats PUD
dissolve accumulations of food dissipate accumulations of food
traffic jams... run in circles... pain breaks up blood stasis; promotes qi movement; relieves pain


      San Leng Actions and Indications
  • Breaks up blood stasis; pomotes qi movement; relieves pain (amenorrhea, abdominal pain and masses, epigastric masses and pain, gynecological disorders due to blood stasis)
  • Dissipate accumulations of food (severe food stagnation; pain, distension, fullness)
  • Treats Cancer (modern use to treat liver, stomach, cervical, and breast cancers)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: excessive menses)
  • note: antagonistic with ya xiao
    Special Notes:
  • When using San Leng recall that "it takes qi to move blood, and it takes blood to move qi". San Leng is stronger to break up blood stasis while E Zhu is stronger for moving qi stagnation. They are often used together.

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