Man Jing Zi - Release Exterior: Wind Heat
(UB, LV, ST) - (6-12g)


It is said that Man Jing Zi the storm giant was born when a summer wind twister dropped him on his head - giving him a dizzy headache. Once his head and eyes were clear he started singing to the wind in B flat to alleviate pain.

Although Man Jing Zi continued to suffer from (cc: yin or blood deficient headaches or eye problems) his whole life, he was well known for losing his temper due to (cc: yang rising).

English Name: vitex, chastetree fruit, three-leaf chastetree fruit
Pharmacuetical Name: Fructus Viticis
Properties: acrid, bitter, cool
Explanation of Key Words in this story...
summer wind twister displs wind heat
head and eyes were clear clears the head and eyes
singing to the wind in B flat... pain dispels wind; stops pain


       Man Jing Zi Actions and Indications
  • Dispels W/H (wind-heat headache, dizziness, swollen gums; also for wind-cold headaches when used in combination)
  • Clears head and eyes (wind-heat caused red, swollen, painful eyes, excessive tearing: pterygium; spots in front of eyes)
  • Dispels wind; stops pain (arthritis, painful joints, bi syndrome: stiff limbs; numbness, cramping, heaviness)
  • (cc: yin or blood deficient headaches or eye problems)
  • (cc: yang rising)
  • (cc: stomach qi deficiency - according to some sources)
    Special Notes:
  • Man Jing Zi and Tian Ma both treat wind headache, but Man Jing Zi is more for wind-heat invasion whereas Tian Ma is more for internal liver wind.

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