Ling Yang Jiao - Extinguish LV Wind
LV, HT (1-3g)

Ling yang Jiao: Antelope Horn (Where the Antelope's Play)
Every year when it gets windy the convulsions and spasms begin. The antelopes forget to calm Liver and anchor LV yang for a while, just to see who has the biggest horns. The defeated antelopes wander alone in the toxic desert for 1-3 years to prepare seperately until they see a forest fire that signals them to come home and try again.

Before the Antelope fights all of the antelopes take care to nourish their qi and blood (cc: qi or blood deficiency). Fighting is contraindicated for antelopes who have (cc: SP deficiency w/ chronic convulsions).

English Name: antelope horn
Pharmacuetical Name: Cornu Saigae Tataricae
Properties: salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
windy... convulsions and spasms extinguishes wind; controls spasms and convulsions
calm liver... anchor LV yang calms LV; anchors yang
toxic desert clears toxic heat
see a forest fire benefits eyes; clears LV fire


       Ling Yang Jiao Actions and Indications
  • Extinguishes wind; controls spasms and convulsions (childhood convulsions due to high fever, seizures, spasms, opisthotonos, strokes, resistant high fevers, LV qind due to intense heat)
  • Calms LV; anchors yang (insomnia, dizziness, headache, restlessness,modern use for hypertension)
  • Clears LV fire; benefits eyes (headache; red/swollen eyes due to LV fire blazing; blurred vision, photophobia)
  • Clears toxic heat (warm-febrile diseases with high fever; delerium, manic behavior, loss of consciousness, purpura due to fire toxicity)
  • (cc: qi or blood deficiency)
  • (cc: SP deficiency w/ chronic convulsions)
  • (cooking: prepare separately and take with other decoction)
    Similar Herbs:
  • Shan Yang Jiao (Cornu Capra hircus) - mountain goat horn - may be used as substitute for ling yang jiao for LV wind, fire, and LYR, but not for heat toxicity
    Special Notes:
  • Pharmacologically Ling Yang Jiao acts as a sedative, antiseizure, antipyretic, and it also helps to lower blood pressure.

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