Ku Shen (aka Ku Shen Gen) - Clear Heat Dry Dampness
UB, HT, LV, LI, SI (3-15g)


Ku Shen was an itchy little Skin parasite...

Ku Shen, found in the jungle, is an itchy little skin parasite that travels on the wind. If you get infected the best cure is to clear heat through urination.

English Name: sophora flavescens, light yellow sophora root
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Sophorae Flavecentis
Properties: bitter, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
jungle clears damp heat
itchy... parasite...wind dispels wind; kills parasites; stops itching
clear heat through urination clear heat; promotes urination


       Ku Shen Actions and Indications
  • Clears Damp Heat (for damp-heat toxicity or bloody stool dysenteric disorder, tenesmus; damp-heat vaginal discharge; diarrhea and dysentary; Ku Shen astringes to help prevent loss of body fluids)
  • Dispel wind; kills parasites; stop itching (urticaria, skin itching, STD, vaginal discharge, infestations with itching, damp toxins, Trichomonas vaginalis protozoan)
  • Clears heat; promotes urination (dysuria, PUD; dysuria during pregnancy combine with Dang Gui)
  • (cc: cold deficiency of ST and SP)
  • (cc: yin fluid deficiency)
    Special Notes:
  • (Note: incompatible with Li Lu)
  • (Note: according to modern research, Ku Shen may be used for cardiac disease, such as arrhythmia due to myocarditis or tachycardia, often in combination with zhi gan cao.)

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