Huai Hua Mi - Regulate Blood Herbs
LV, LI (6-15g)


Huai Hua Mi - "Cry for me''
I have terrible hemorrhoids - do you cry for me?? Won't someone please stop the bleeding and cool the blood before I burn the forest down!

Be careful, if I don't get relief I mau just start drinking (cc: SP/ST deficient cold)

English Name: sophora, Japanese pagoda tree flower
Pharmacuetical Name: Flos Sophorae
Properties: bitter, cool

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
stop the bleeding... cool the blood cools blood; stops bleeding
burn the forest down clears LV fire


      Huai Hua Mi Actions and Indications
  • Cools blood; stop bleeding (large intestine damp heat when bleeding hemorrhoids and bloody dysenteric disorder; also for hemptysis, epistaxis)
  • Clears LV fire (red eyes, headache, dizziness due to LV heat; modern use for hypertension)
  • (cc: SP/ST deficient cold)
    Alternate Forms:
  • sheng- clear heat; drain fire
  • chao or tan- stop bleeding
  • huai jiao (Fructus Sophora Japonica) pagoda fruit - weaker effect on stop bleeding, stronger at clearing heat, moistening intestines; 9-15g; cc: pregnancy
    Special Notes:
  • One study found Huai Hua Mi to be 83.6% effective for profuse menstrual bleeding.

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