Gui Ban - Tonify Yin
KI, LV, LI (9-30g)

Gui Ban - Guiban the dread pirate
Gui Ban the dread pirate would anchor his yang behind the dark side of the hill and fly the skull and bones to incite fear in the enemy and benefit the KD of his own men before CRUSHING the hapless victims. After he got married they say he calmed down a bit, and he was only hot blooded when his wife got uterine bleeding and refused to nourish his HT blood.

Guiban was an alcoholic on the high seas which led to (cc: damp ST or diarrhea due to cold)

English Name: testudinis shell (ventral side), tortoise plastron
Pharmacuetical Name: Plastrum Testudinis
Properties: salty, sweet, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
anchor his yang... dark side of the hill anchors yang; nourishes yin
skull and bones... benefit his KD strengthens bones; tonifies KD
CRUSHING cooking: crush and cook 30 min prior...
hot blooded... uterine bleeding cools blood; stops uterine bleeding
nourish his HT blood tonifies HT; nourishes blood


       Gui Ban Actions and Indications
  • Nourishes yin; anchors yang (dizziness, vertigo, yin deficiency and yang rising with night sweats,tinnitus, steaming bone disorder; internal wind due to yin deficiency with facial spasms and tremors of the hands and feet)
  • Tonifies KD; Strengthens Bones (soreness and weakness of low back and legs, slow skeletal development in childre, or failure of fontanel to close)
  • Cools blood; stops uterine bleeding (excessive menstruation or uterine bleeding due to yin deficiency and deficient heat)
  • Nourishes blood; tonifies HT (palpitations, HT yin and blood deficiency with anxiety, forgetfulness, insomnia)
  • (cc: damp-cold ST or diarrhea due to cold)
  • (cooking: CRUSH and cook 30 minutes prior to adding other ingredients)
    Alternate Forms:
  • sheng- to nourish yin and anchor yang
  • cu zhi- to benefit the KD, cool blood, nourish blood
    Special Notes:
  • Compare to Bie Jia
  • Originally only the ventral side was used, but today both ventral and dorsal sides of the shell are used.

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