Di Long - Extinguish LV Wind
LV, UB, LU, SP (4.5-12g)

Di Long - The earth worm is good for fishing
When I was young grandpa would take me fishing. Each summer when the wind stopped we'd put earthworms on our hooks, which could be challenging due to their spasms and convulsions. Grandpa smoked despite his wheeze due to smoking tobacco. Sometimes in the summer beavers would build a dam so we'd have to unblock the channel before fishing. Each summer when we had to tear down the damn grandpa swore he'd piss on the next beaver he saw.

Be careful not to sit too close to grandpa when fishing - he had some (cc: SP qi deficiency)
English Name: earthworm
Pharmacuetical Name: Pheretima
Properties: salty, cold
    Explanation of Key Words in this story...
summer... wind stopped... spasms and convulsions clears heat; extinguish wind; stops spasms and convulsions
wheeze due to smoking tobacco clears LU heat; calms wheeze due to LU heat
summer... unblock channels Clears heat; unblocks channels and collaterals
summer.... he'd piss on Clears heat; promotes urination


       Di Long Actions and Indications
  • Clears heat; Extinguish wind; stop spasms and convulsions (spasms, seizures, headaches, high fevers with convulsions; modern use for schizophrenia of hot manic type and hypertension due to LV yang rising)
  • Clears Lung Heat; Calms wheezing (wheezing due to LU heat)
  • Clears heat; unblocks channels and collaterals ( painful hot bi; may be used in combination for cold bi; swollen and painful joints with reduced range of motion; hemiplegia due to obstruction in channels, wind-stroke sequelae)
  • Clears heat; promotes urination (heat clumping in UB with urinary difficulty or inability to urinate; hot PUD; edema)
  • (cc: SP qi deficiency)
  • (cook: when using fresh worms, clean dirt off, boil with sugar or prepare with salt; or dry powder to make paste)
    Special Notes:
  • Clinical studies and research have shown good results with Di Long in treating hypertension, epilepsy, schozophrenia, and asthma.
  • Pharmacologically Di Long acts as a antiasthmatic, uterine stimulant, antiseizure, antipyretic, and lowers blood pressure. It also promotes dissolution of thrombi while simultaneously preventing their occurrence.

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