Ci Shi - Calm Shen
HT, KD, LV (9-30g)


Ci Shi - Magnetite and the magnet at the bottom of the sea
When the captain of the Spirit anchored his floating yang the anchor got hung up on the bottom of the ocean. Finally the captain of the wooden ship ordered his men under water to find out what was nourishing the KD and LV of the giant magnetic - what they saw and heard was so disturbing that they captured it on video: the anchor was clinging like a magnet to a really gross looking kidney grasping qi and burning with deficient fire - YUCK!

When the crewmen saw pictures of the magnet's kidney it was so gross that they would lose their lunch if they stared at it for too long (cc: weak SP/ST, hard to digest: caution for OD or long-term use).

English Name: lodestone, magnetite
Pharmacuetical Name: Magnetium
Properties: acrid, salty, cold
Explanation of Key Words in this story....
spirit anchored... floating yang anchors yang and calms the spirit
wooden... under water these are clues for LV and KD (below)
nourishing the KD and LV... saw and heard nourishes the KD and LV; improves vision and hearing
kidney grasping qi aids KD to grasp the qi


       Ci Shi Actions and Indications
  • Anchors yang and calms spirit (restlessness, palpitations, insomnia, irritability)
  • Calms LV; anchors floating yang (vertigo, dizziness, tremors; convulsions in children due to fever, irritability, restlessness, seizures)
  • Nourishes KD and LV; improves hearing and vision (clears deficient fire, tinnitus, hearing loss; visual disturbances due to LV and KD deficiency)
  • Aids Kidney to Grasp Qi (chronic asthma due to KD failing to grasp qi)
  • (cc: weak SP/ST, hard to digest: caution for OD or long-term use)
  • (cooking: crush and cook 20-30 minutes first)
    Alternate Forms:
  • cui is a tempering process of preparing by frying, dipping in vinegar, then pulverizing. Its better for nourishing KD and grasping qi
  • sheng is better for anchoring yang and calming liver
  • For hearing loss combine Ci Shi with Shu di Huang, Shan Zhu Yu, and Shan Yao.
    Special Notes:
  • Ci Shi and other heavy mineral substances should be used with caution because they could injure the SP and ST.

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