Ce Bai Ye - Regulate Blood Herbs
LV, LU, LI (6-15g)


Ce Bai Ye - The white Yeti
The white yeti monster from star-wars was a hot blooded critter who caused poor luke to bleed before hanging him upside down in the snow cave. When he heard Luke coughing he came to check it out but found that Luke had expelled phlegm from his channels and used the force to grab his light saber. Luke cut the monster's arm off, which caused some burns and hair loss for the monster.

Silly monster, he should have been careful to consider that luke was faking his (cc: cough due to yin deficiency) to get out of hanging upside down (cc: bleeding with stasis). Now all the monster will have to eat is snow (cc: SP def cold)

English Name: platycladus leaves, chinese arborvitae, oriental arborvitae, "flat fir leaves"
Pharmacuetical Name: Cacumen Platycladi
Properties: bitter, astringent, cool

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
hot blooded... bleed cools blood; stops bleeding
coughing... expelled phlegm stops cough, expels phlegm
burns... hair loss treats burns and hair loss


       Ce Bai Ye Actions and Indications
  • Cools blood; stop bleeding (bleeding gums, hematemesis, hemoptysis, blood in stool or urine, bloody dysenteric disorder, epistaxis, uterine bleeding, used for hot blood disorders or combined with warming herbs for deficient cold bleeding)
  • Stops cough; expels phlegm (stops cough, for thick sputum that is difficult to expectorate and due to phlegm heat in LU)
  • Treats burns and hair loss (use topically for early stage burns over moderate area, treats hair loss in alcohol tincture)
  • (cc: SP deficient cold)
  • (cc: LU yin deficiency cough)
  • (cc: caution for bleeding with stasis)
    Alternate Forms:
  • ce bai tan - increases stop bleeding function
    Special Notes:
  • Pharmacologically Ce Bai Ye has been shown to have hemostatic properties (shortens bleeding time), antitussive properties, expectorant properties, respiratory benefits (relax smooth muscle of respiratory tract), sedative effects (prevented caffeine induced seizures in mice), antihypertensive properties, and antibiotic properties.
  • Bleeding ulcers, bleeding hemorrhoids, and whooping cough have all been shown to be treated successfully with Ce Bai Ye. For bleeding due to heat combine with da ji or xiao ji. For persistent bleeding combine with xian he cao, ou jie, and pu huang.
  • In one hair loss study, 77.5% success was reported. Prepared by soaking in 25 to 35g Ce Bai ye in alcohol for 7 days, apply topically 3-4x / day.

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