Bai Wei - Clear Deficient Heat
LU, ST, KD (6-15g)

Bai Wei - White Way.
The white way is not the Indian way. The white man stole our oasis and left us hot blooded. Because we had no place to rest many died from common cold - damn the white man and his cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving!

Today our people are less affected by (cc: exterior disorders) but have instead succumbed to alcohol (cc: SP/ST cold from deficiency)

English Name: cynanchum, blackened sallowwort root, versicolorous swallowwort root
Pharmaceutical Name: Radix Cynachi Atrati
Properties: bitter, salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story... blooded clears deficient heat... cools blood
no place to rest... common cold treats yin deficient common cold
cranberry promotes urination; relieves PUD

      Bai Wei Actions and Indications
  • Clears deficient heat; cools blood (yin deficiency fever; heat entering blood; postpartum fever; lingering fever from febrile disease that injures blood and yin; this herb can clear heat from excess or deficiency; but is used more for deficient type; also used topically or internally for toxic sores, sore throat, and poisonous snake bite)
  • Treats yin deficient type of common cold (for wind invasion in person who tends to be yin deficient and in wom it typically develops into wind-heat)
  • Promotes urination; relieves PUD (hot or bloody PUD, especially before or after giving birth)
  • (cc: SP and ST cold from deficiency with loose stool)
  • (cc: exterior disorders)
    Other Notes:
  • Shown effective in treating congestive heart failure

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