Zhi Gan Cao Tang - Nourish Yin
Zhi Gan Cao Tang (aka: Fu Mai Tang) - "Recovering Pulse Formula"
Syndrome: HT / LU deficiency, Qi/Blood deficiency
Action: tonify qi, nourish yin, dredge yang, recover pulse
Key Sx: Palpitations, shortness of breath, intermittent pulse, LU atrophy, non-productive cough, thin body type, insomnia, night sweating, (T: dry thin with less coating) (P: weak rapid)

Remember: When fried granny cow wanted to setup a date between the little cinnamon twig boy and young fresh ginger she locked them in the barn together overnight with liquor and they developed the shen of ren and used mai dong to do the shame of juan right in front of the donkey - who was scarred for life!

King: Sheng Di Huang
M: Zhi Gan Cao, Ren Shen, Da Zao, E Jiao, Mai Dong
A: Gui Zhi, Sheng Jiang
G: liquor
Cautions / Contraindications:
none specified

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