Xiao Cheng Qi Tang - Drain Downward: Heat
Xiao Cheng Qi Tang - "Minor order the qi decoction"
key Sx: Mild type of Yangming Fu organ excess (delirium, tidal fever, constipation, fullness and opressed in abdomen, dark yellow tongue coat, slippery fast pulse, beginning of dysentery, abdominal distension pain, tenesmus)
Components: Da Huang 4pc, Huo Po 2pc, Zhi Shi 3pc
Action: Yangming organ heat, mild w/ fullness and distension. Medium strength. .

Remember: When Dr. Huang just needs a minor qi adjustment she spin in circles and acts like a poor whore.

King: Da Huang
M: Zhi Shi
A: Huo Po
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) Careful with weak body constitution
2) Not for long term use

    Common Modifications:
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