Sheng Hua Tang - Tonify Blood

Sheng Hua Tang - "Shen-G's Flower"

Syndrome: Deficiency of blood stasis after delivery, attacked by cold pathogen -> blood deficiency and cold coagulation -> retention of lochia, lower back pain
Action: Invigorates the blood, transforms and dispels blood stasis, warms the menses, and alleviates pain
Indications: Retention of lochia after delivery, cold pain in abdomen

When Shen-G's flower had retention of lochia she cried to the angels in a voice that was SO energetic that colonel peach appeared and challenged her to a game of wicked volleyball against her Huang Jiu old granny cow.
K: Quan Dang Gui
M: Chuan Xiong, Tao Ren
A: Pao Jiang, Huang Jiu
A2: Zhi Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:

(cc: blood heat and stasis type bleeding)
(cc: Sweating with SOB and fatigue)

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