Ma Huang Tang - Release Exterior W/C

Ma Huang Tang - Ephedra Decoction
(for Tai Yang cold attack with W-C excess patterns)
... use this Fm when there is defensive Yang Obstruction (aversion to cold, little fever, no sweating, P: floating)
... use this Fm when there is nutritive yin stagnation (headache, body pain, tight pulse)
... use this Fm when the LU fails to disperse the Qi (wheezing)

Remember: Mama Yellow's Formula was great when King Ren fell ill with W/C invasion and no sweating he told the cinnamon boy to bring granny cow to fix it for him!
King: Ma Huang
Minister: Gui Zhi
Assistant: Xing Ren
Guide: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) not for exterior deficient syndrome, blood deficiency, or yang deficiency
2) stop when syndrome is under control: do not overuse

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