Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang - Tonify Yang
Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang - "Poria, Cinnamon Twig, Atractylodis Macrocephalae, and Licorice Decoction"
Syndrome: Phlegm and water retention with Middle Jiao yang deficiency.
key Sx: fullness in chest and hypochondria, dizzy, palpitations (T: white greasy coat)
Action: Warms and tranforms phlegm and congested fluids, strengthens the Spleen, and resolves dampness

Remember: "Granny Lingered at the Zoo and Gone to Town!"
When granny Ling went to the zoo she told the little cinnamon boy "I will buy you - here's a fuzzy blanket lets go to town!"

K: Fu Zi
M: Gui Zhi
A: Bai Zhu
G: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
cc: Not suitable for cough with sticky phlegm due to water retention transformed into heat
    Modern Applications:
  • cardiac edema, chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, ailementary edema, chronic pulmonary heart disease, hypothyroidium, hypopituitarism, rheumatic heart disease, chronic gastroenteritis, liver cirrhosis, meniere's syndrome

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